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1/5th Scale RC Trucks and Bajas

1/5 Scale RC Trucks

Photo: 1/5th scale HPI rc trucks and baja. Credit: Garet S. of Action Hobbies.

Popular is the 1:5 gas rc truck from HPI, the Baja 5T. These gasoline powered rc baja trucks can reach speeds up to 40mph and 30 minutes of runtime on a single tank of gas.

Running cost is cheap as these rc vehicles use regular unleaded gasoline mixed with 2T motor oil. Cheaper to run than their nitro counterparts.

1:5 Scale RC Trucks For Sale

If you want a huge 1:5 size rc truck, here are some of the best  brands and models you can buy at your local hobby shop. Prices are estimated in USD.

1/5th Scale RC Trucks

CEN and HPI Racing have a reputation for selling peformance rc off-road trucks at an affordable price.

  • 1/5 scale CEN Matrix brand with various models such as short course, monster, buggy and truggy. Speeds of 30mph to 50 mph.
  • 1/5 scale HPI Baja brand with two models, the Baja 5T and Baja 5B. Speeds up to 40mph.

Excited to own one of these big gas rc truck? Then visit the buy rc trucks page for a list of online hobby shops.

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