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Losi Super Truck

Losi LST Reviews

Losi LST Reviews

Here are some feedback and reviews of the new Losi Super Truck (LST) nitro monster truck as posted on popular rc forums.

Hey guys, i've got my beautiful RED LST. I have run it all 
weekend, on and off the track. Its just awesome. Most fun i've 
ever had on a track. I love it!!!
Matt, posted on


I was playing with the LST yesterday...and this thing is SICK! I 
didn't get to much stick time when it was being developed, but 
now that i have one to use it is just unreal. The brakes are 
crazy...I had to turn them way down and the power is awesome. 
Ya i know I work for the company what else am i supposed to 
say, but you'll see When you drive it, it feels like you should be 
wearing a helmet LOL... The best I can describe is "Controlled 

I'm really looking forward to everyone getting to run one and see 
for themselves. The truck I drove yesterday worked great with 
no issues. We've tried to think of everything that the public might 
do to these trucks and are pretty confident that the truck is going 
to be great but there is bound to be someone who says "I was 
just setting the trim and bumped the curb and the truck 
completely fell apart" LOL.

Thanks again for all your patience
Richard Trujillo
Team Losi


To me, the LST shines most because of the radio. I mean, come 
on, it's a JR XS3 for cryin' out loud. I have one already (the 
radio), and it is awesome.
Phatkat, posted on


Where to Buy the LST

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