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Review of the Traxxas Revo Monster RC Truck

Here are some reviews and comments made by owners of the Traxxas Revo monster rc truck as posted on various online rc truck forums. Hopefully these reviews will help you decide on buying a Traxxas Revo rc truck.

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I agree .. after driving one today the Revo has everything . It has speed, handling, braking, and the reverse works like a charm. The arms look beefier then the pictures make it out to be. The steering is sick on it. Turn the wheel and the truck just turns instantly. The chassis just follows the front wheels. Never gets upset when you jerk the wheel left to right and back ,the chassis just follows. I am very impressed with it. It does look small compared to the LST but then you realize that it so much better in that its lighter and faster reacting. I hope Traxxas can make enough. ~ CraigH

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I got my REVO finally . im so glad n it is so nice n so fast. but my neighbor broke my pushrod but im gettin a new one soon i encourage all of u 2 get one. n i got pix if u wanna see it ~ revocrazykid14


I got my REVO well actually 2. I ordered 2 of them a week apart and wham both came in today. FED-X pulled up at my house at 8:00am when I was on my way to work, guess who called in sic.

Well I ripped it open and took out the 2.5 and installed one of my OFNA/PICCO .21MAXX , dropped right end and boy does it look good. This is a modified engine with a crazy nut head, already broke in. I can not believe the way this truck handles, like a dream took it to the local track and it blew everyone away.

I can tell you guys this much, I know this much change out the 2.5 for the 21.MAX motor I did a change out at the track and put in the stock 21. and this motor is a scream (it to was already broken in) the REVO really showed what it can do with HP, I started at the track about 10:00 this mourning and burned 8 tanks, had to leave I did not have any more fuel with me.  

This is the Truck you most get no comparison, out handles the T-MAXX SAVAGE MGT. I blew them away at my local track does what it says it can do and more. ~ Mr.Klean


The revo is awesome, runs like a champ and handles like a dream. All I can say is amazing! ~ birdy233


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