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Side by Side Comparison and Review

Losi LST Reviews

Here are some reviews of the Losi LST nitro monster truck as posted on popular rc forums.

Traxxas Revo Reviews

Reviews and comments made by owners of the Traxxas Revo monster rc truck as posted on various online rc truck forums. Hopefully these reviews will help you decide on buying a Traxxas Revo rc truck.

Losi Super Truck (LST) vs. Associated Monster GT

Side by side comparison of the new newest racing monster trucks.

CEN Genesis vs. Losi Super Truck (LST)

Battle of the big rc monster trucks.

Associated Monster GT vs. HPI Savage 25

The new Associated Monster GT challenges the fast and reliable HPI Savage 25.

About Remote Control Trucks - Gas Powered and Off Road

Want to buy a remote control truck? Try the 41+ mph gas powered remote control trucks such as the HPI Savage 25 and Tamiya TNX. You can also buy the cheap Megatech brand, 4x4, Hummer, and Dodge trucks.

Radio Controlled Trucks - Great Gifts!

Radio controlled trucks are perfect gifts for dads, husbands, teenage and young kids. Find the best type of radio control trucks to give as a gift.

Toy Trucks vs. Hobby Quality RC Trucks

Cheap toy trucks (e.g. Nikko, Radio Shack, Tyco) versus hobby quality radio controlled trucks (e.g. Associated, HPI, Tamiya).

4x4 Off Road Gas RC Trucks & Custom Trucks

Online guide to gas rc trucks. 4x4 monsters, stadium off road, and custom low rider trucks w/ popular body shells such as Ford, Dodge, Chevy, GMC, Toyota, Nissan, and more.

RC Truck Company Guide

Review of companies such as Associated, DuraTrax, HPI, Kyosho, Losi, Mugen, Neo, OFNA, Schumacher, Tamiya, Traxxas and more. Let me help guide you in choosing the best companies and most popular models and kits.

Shop and Buy RC Trucks Online

It is easy and convenient to buy rc trucks online. You can safely purchase using your credit card, and have your purchase delivered straight to your door.

RC Cars, Airplanes, Helicopters

Here are other resources to help you get started and enjoy the rc hobby. Drive rc cars, fly rc airplanes, and hover with r/c helicopters.

Related R/C Hobby Shops

This section features companies that sell rc trucks online.


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