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Here is a top rated online hobby shop where you can buy popular rc stadium trucks and r/c monster trucks, usually on sale. Associated RC10T4, DuraTrax Evader ST, Traxxas E-Maxx, Traxxas Rustler, and much more.

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RC Wall Climber Car

Navigation Tip: When you are at their hobby shop website, scroll down to the very bottom of their web page. You will see items in red hyperlinks, which are quick links to specific products.

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Electric RC Trucks Buying Tips

  1. Battery packs perform well if they are used only once a day. Buy several battery packs to enjoy long playing times.
  2. Buy a peak detection, quick charger. A quick charge can charge a high capacity battery pack in around 30 minutes. Those with a peak detection feature can help prevent overcharging.
  3. Buy rechargeable AA size batteries for your radio control system. For the transmitter, you would need 8 AA batteries. For the receiver, you would need 4 AA batteries. But if you are using an electronic speed control, then the 4 AA batteries are not needed.

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