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Here are tips and information on where you can buy rc trucks and the best hobby shops to buy them from. Use this buyer's guide to get the great deals when shopping for remote control trucks.

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Tips on Buying RC Trucks

RC trucks are usually marketed with a retail price (i.e. the suggested selling price). But keep in mind, the usual selling price for rc trucks is 10% - 40% cheaper than the retail price. 

So when shopping for remote control trucks, remember to discount 10 - 40% off the kit's retail price. This would give you the best deal. 

Best Hobby Shops for Buying RC Trucks

When buying an rc truck, as much as possible purchase the kit from your local hobby shop. They are the ones that can give you hands on help with the hobby. By supporting your local hobby shop you will keep the hobby growing in your area.

Purchasing rc trucks online is also another option. There are plenty of online hobby shops where you can order online and pay using a credit card.

Purchasing online is easy, and the convenience of having your kit delivered to your home is an added bonus. To get the cheapest rc truck, look for the following offers:

  • Discount coupon codes (usually 5% - 20% discount over the sale price).
  • Clearance sales.
  • Special offers.

Also look for online hobby shops that have a wide variety of rc trucks, accessories and spare parts. Make sure the online store has a good reputation and happy customers (e.g. testimonials).

RC Truck Shopping Tips

  1. Never use your parents credit card without their knowledge. Have them buy the rc car or truck for you.
  2. Ready to run (RTR) trucks come assembled, but you might need to buy some minor accessories such as batteries and fuel. Double check the model and what extra accessories are needed to make it run.

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