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CEN Genesis vs. Losi Super Truck

CEN Nitro Genesis versus
Losi Super Truck

The battle between Losi and Associated has been going on for years. It started in off-road buggies and stadium trucks, and now the battle is in the 1/8 gas monster trucks. Here is a side-by-side comparison of the Losi Super Truck (LST) versus the Associated Monster GT.

  CEN Nitro Genesis Losi Super Truck
Scale RC monster truck 1/8 rc monster truck
Top speed - 44 mph
Engine .46 ci big block .26 ci big-block
Muffler racing tuned pipe tuned pipe
Cooling fan - -
Starting mechanism pull start portable rotary starter
Chassis aerospace grade material four level modular
Transmission 3 speed forward w/ reverse 2 speed forward, 2 speed reverse
Ball bearing full ball bearings full ball bearings
Drive 4 wheel drive 4 wheel drive shaft drive
Suspension - 18.5" wide track
Shock absorbers 8 hardened oil shocks 4 large oil filled aluminum
Brakes 4 disk brake system dual disks
Fuel tank 220cc 171cc
Body truck truck
Width - 18.5 in
Length - 22 in
Weight - 13 pounds
Radio control CEN Impact C3 3-channel JR Synthesized
Street price $529 $599

At a street price of $529, it looks like the CEN Genesis is giving the Losi Super Truck a run for its money. It has a bigger engine (.46ci vs .26ci), a better transmission (3-speed vs. 2-speed), more braking power (4 disks vs. 2 disks) and a larger fuel tank. And the CEN is again cheaper by around $70 USD.

Both nitro monster trucks are ready to run (RTR) kits. However you still need to buy items such as a glow igniter, fuel, fuel bottle, transmitter batteries (8 AA-size), and receiver batteries (4 AA-size).

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These RC monster trucks are really exciting to own. Buying is easy, just go down to your local hobby shop. Or you can also shop and buy online. Here is an online hobby shop that I recommend:

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