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The 1/10 CEN Fun Factor MT2 is a Cheap But Good R/C Monster Truck... a Great Value!

If you are looking for a cheap monster truck, the CEN MT2 is one of the cheapest you can buy. But do not let the cheap price fool you, it has gotten a great review from RC Car Action Magazine.

"The CEN Fun Factor MT2 is one heck of a fun truck. It's fast, it handles well, and it can take a beating—excellent attributes for a nitro-powered truck. The more powerful engine and high-torque servos heighten the excitement and improve off-road track handling." - George M. Gonzalez, RCCA

About the CEN Monster Truck
Pictures of the CEN MT2
CEN MT 2 Buying Guide
CEN Monster Truck MT2

About the CEN Monster Truck

The Cen Fun Factor MT2 is a 1/10 scale remote control monster truck. The 4WD version is packed with high performance parts such as a .16ci (2.6cc) nitro engine, 2-speed transmission and 4-wheel drive.

"The engine's sound changes from a low-pitched growl into a high-pitched scream as the 2-speed transmission shifts very smoothly into high gear."- George M. Gonzalez, RCCA

Other goodies include full ball bearings, hardened gears, sealed radio tray, pivot ball suspension, anodized purple aluminum chassis, dual chamber tuned pipe, 4 wheel braking, 75cc fuel tank, oil filled shock absorbers and fully painted truck body.

Best of all this is a ready-to-run R/C monster truck. Simply buy a few items, such as: 12 AA batteries for radio, fuel (10%-20% Fuel), Starter Pack (Fuel bottle, glow plug, etc.), 7.2V battery and charger for the 7.2V battery.

Pictures of the New CEN Genesis Monster Truck

Here is a chassis picture of the Fun Factor MT2 courtesy of CEN Racing's official website.

CEN MT2 Chassis Picture
Note the high quality parts and construction of the MT2.

"The MT2 made several consistent 39mph passes in front of our radar gun and produced a highest recorded speed of 40.1mph. It can reach its advertised speed of 45mph." - George M. Gonzalez, RCCA

CEN MT 2 Buying Guide

Things to look for when buying from an online hobby shop are: great brand, store reputation, good merchant rating and great pricing. Below is a link to a popular online hobby store where you can buy the CEN Fun Factor MT2 for sale.

Online hobby shop where you can buy the CEN Nitro MT 2 on sale.

"Life is short, play hard" - Nike? Buy your CEN Monster Trucks MT2 today!


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