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Guide to Choosing and Buying a Cheap RC Monster Truck 

If you can afford it, try to buy tried and tested rc monster trucks such as those made by companies such as Associated, DuraTrax, Kyosho, HPI, OFNA, Tamiya, and Traxxas.

Click here for a review of the CEN Monster Truck MT2.

But if you cannot afford the $390 - $450 price tag, you can try buying cheap rc monster trucks. One example is the 1/10 CEN Nitro MT 2 Monster Truck. This is a cheap 4WD RTR with a 2 speed transmission which has a street price of around $299... free shipping included. Plus it has a top speed of 45mph (see picture above).

Another company that sells cheap rc monster trucks is DuraTrax. Their 1/10 DuraTrax Nitro Maximum Pro RTR is a 2WD rc monster truck with a 2-speed transmission. With a street price of $299, this is another good and cheap rc monster truck.

Another cheap rc monster truck.
The DuraTrax Nitro RTR is a cheap rc monster truck.

This comes with a lot of high quality parts for about 3/4 of the price. And best of all, DuraTrax is well known in the industry for producing high quality RTR rc cars and trucks. For more information about buying this cheap truck, click the link below.

More information about the DuraTrax Nitro MT.

Thanks to companies such CEN and DuraTrax, you can now enjoy and feel the excitement and rush of driving fast nitro monster trucks at an affordable price.

P.S. Getting a nitro powered r/c monster truck for less than $300 is already a great deal. Buy one today and start having fun!

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