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Cheap RC Truck

Currently popular are the 1/36 and 1/24 scale Losi micro and the 1/10 short course trucks. These are cheap, easy to run and are good for beginners to get into the rc hobby. In off-road, radio controlled short course trucks is a popular class for first time racers.

Buy a Cheap RC Truck

If you're looking to buy a cheap rc truck, here are some to choose from. I particularly like the Losi micro trucks as they are cheap, easy to drive and have good radio control electronics. The Tamiya Wild Willy II is a fun vehicle that does wheelies with ease. For racing the Associated SC10 and HPI Blitz are very competitive rc vehicles.

  1. Losi Micro Short Course Truck
  2. Tamiya Wild Willy 2
  3. Associated SC10
  4. Traxxas Slash
  5. HPI Blitz

50 Cheapest RC Trucks

Cheapest RC Trucks

Here is a list of the 50 cheapest remote controlled trucks you can buy at various online stores. Prices are subject to change and are estimated in USD.

Cheap RC Truck

If you're hooked and ready to buy, visit the buy rc trucks page for a list of online hobby shops where you can find cheap r/c trucks for sale, some at huge discounts.

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