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"Experience the thrill of gas rc trucks going over 41+ miles per hour."

Yes, gas rc trucks are now capable of going really fast. Actual speeds of 41+ mph can be expected, especially from the 1/8 scale gas rc monster trucks. Adding to the excitement are the sound coming from the 2-stroke gas engine, and the smell of nitro emitted from the tuned exhaust pipe.

2 Basic Types of Gas RC Trucks

You can choose between the popular 1/10 scale rc stadium trucks or the fast 1/8 scale monster trucks. 

Gas rc trucks pictured.
Gas RC Trucks... 1/8 Monster Truck (Pictured)
© Tamiya Corp.

The 1/8 rc monster trucks are some of the fastest 4x4 off road models you can buy. With large rubber tires, 8 oil filled shock absorbers, and large .21 gas engines (w/ over 2 horsepower), these are serious toys for the big boys.

The most popular models are the 1/8 Associated Monster GT and the 1/8 HPI Savage 25. Read more at Associated Monster GT vs. HPI Savage 25.

There is actually a third type, the 1/10 on-road gas rc trucks. These are customized with lower ground clearance, high grip on-road tires, and stiff suspension system for high performance on smooth racing tracks.

Picture of gas rc trucks.
Gas RC Trucks... Custom 1/10 On-Road (Pictured)
© HPI Racing

These 1/10 custom trucks are designed to go very fast... on-road. If you are an on-road touring car fan, but would like something different, then these stylish customized gas rc trucks are great. Pictured above is the HPI RS4 3 w/ a Ford truck body.

Where You Can Buy Gas RC Trucks

4x4 monsters, stadium off road, or custom low rider trucks, you can easily and conveniently buy them from online rc hobby shops. Some will even ship these popular toys directly to your door.

Click here to buy gas rc trucks for sale online.

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Gas RC Trucks - Monster, Stadium, And Custom Trucks
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