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Losi Mini-T... New Mini RC Truck Fun!

The new 1/18 Losi Mini-T is creating a new craze in the mini rc truck hobby. The Losi Mini-T is a fully proportional mini rc truck that is a scaled down version of the popular Losi XXX-T rc stadium truck.

Picture of Losi Mini T.
Pictures copyright by Team Losi.

The new Losi Mini-T is so popular that hobby shops are quickly running out of stock, and some are backordered.

With it's small size, fully independent suspension system, and large rubber truck tires, this mini rc truck can be played and raced indoors and out. Imperfect concrete garages and driveways can be easily made into an improvised race track. You can also make a small off-road dirt track in your lawn and race a couple of Losi Mini-T's side by side.

Mini-T Chassis Pic
Photo credit: Team Losi Website

This mini rc truck is a true, hobby quality model kit. It comes with a fully proportional steering and electronic speed control, similar to it's larger 1/10 scale models. It is powered by four AA sized batteries, or you can buy a six cell rechargeable NiCad pack specially designed for the Losi Mini-T.

So what are you waiting for? This is a truly fun rc truck that is very affordable. Buy a couple and have fun racing in your home. Below is a quick link to an online hobby shop where you can buy the Losi Mini-T.

Buyer's Guide: Buy the Losi Mini-T for Sale

P.S. This is truly one fun truck if you can buy it. Double your fun and buy two.


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