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The new 1/8 nitro powered monster truck on the block is the high-performance Losi Super Truck (LST). Designed purely to beat the likes of the HPI Savage 25, Tamiya TNX and XTM Mammoth. And of course, its long time rival, the Associated Monster GT.

About the Losi Super Truck (LST)
Pictures of the new Losi Monster Truck
Losi Super Truck vs. Assoc. Monster GT
Buyer's Guide - Where to Buy the LST
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Losi Super Truck Guide

About the Losi Super Truck (LST) RTR

The LST is a 1/8 scale, nitro powered remote controlled monster truck. Why choose this truck? How about 44 mph. It also has a longer wheelbase (14.2") and a wider track (18.5") which will make the LST very stable in off-road dirt tracks.

Rounding off the package is a .26 big block engine, full ball bearings, 2-speed gearbox, 2-speed reverse, dual brakes, 4 oversized aluminum shocks and a 3-channel synthesized JR Radio (pick your frequency from 30 channels).

Losi Super Truck Pic
Picture of the Losi Super Truck (LST). Photo credit: Team Losi Website

What more can you ask for?

Pictures of the New Losi Super Truck (LST)

Here is a chassis image of the LST courtesy of Team Losi's official website. Notice the thick aluminum shock absorbers and the central location of the big-block engine and fuel tank. This design will give the LST a good center of balance and make it handle extremely well.

Losi Super Truck Chassis Picture

Losi Super Truck vs. Associated Monster GT

The biggest competitor of the Losi Super Truck would be long time rival, Team Associated and the Associated Monster GT (gas truck). If you are undecided on which r/c monster truck to buy, take a look at a side by side comparison, Losi Super Truck vs. Associated Monster GT, and you be the judge. But in the end, these are both great trucks, and you cannot go wrong choosing either one.

Buyers Guide - Where to Buy the LST

Below is a link that will take you to a leading online rc hobby shop, where you can buy the Losi Super Truck (LST). Great brand, store reputation, good merchant rating and great pricing is why I recommend this online hobby shop.

Recommended Online Hobby Shop: HobbyTron

"Life is short, play hard" - Nike? Buy your Losi Super Truck today!


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