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Learn about remote control nitro trucks: about, accessories / equipment, popular categories, brands, model reviews and where to buy.

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About Nitro RC Trucks

About Nitro Powered R/C

These are usually 1/10 - 1/8 scale remote controlled trucks powered by a 2-stroke gas / nitro engine. Items you need are the truck kit, engine, radio control system, nitro fuel, glow plug igniter and starter.

RTR gas trucks usually include the kit, engine and radio control system. You will need to buy the nitro fuel and glow plug igniter separately.

Nitro Truck Chassis Picture
Picture of a Nitro RC Truck Chassis @Traxxas

Above is a typical chassis design for a 1/10 stadium truck. Note that the electric motor is merely used to start the nitro engine. Power is produced by a combination of engine, fuel, exhaust header, tuned pipe and air filter.

The term nitro and gas are frequently used interchangeably. For 1/10 and 1/8 scale models, the term nitro and gas means the model is designed to use a special blend of nitro fuel for R/C cars and trucks. You cannot use regular gasoline.

On the other hand, there are large-scale models (i.e. 1/6 - 1/4 scale) that have lawnmower type engines which use regular gasoline.

Choosing Categories

The popular categories for nitro rc cars are the 1/8 monster trucks, the 1/10 stadium trucks, and the custom on-road nitro trucks. Choose your pleasure.

1/8 Monster Trucks - These are the biggest and have the most powerful engines. With 4-wheel drive and .21 - .26ci size gas engines, these models can reach speeds of 30 - 40+ mph.

1/10 Stadium Trucks - These were the very first gas / nitro powered rc trucks. Most popular are the 2-wheel drive versions with a .12ci gas engine. Speeds are in the 30+ mph range, but there are new models that are very fast at 46 - 50+ mph. Companies are also producing new models with 4-wheel drive for better traction, handling and faster speeds.

1/10 On-Road Nitro Trucks - These are simply on-road touring cars customized with an R/C truck body. With 4WD, 2-speed transmissions and .12 - .15ci gas engines, these models can exceed 50 mph.

1/28 - 1/18 Mini Trucks - You can now play or race in smaller spaces such as your garage or backyard. Mini RC trucks are small, cheap and fun. They are also very fast for their size, with speeds in the 12 - 20 mph range.

Popular Brands and Models

Currently, the best companies are Associated, CEN, HPI, Kyosho, Losi, OFNA, Tamiya, Schumacher, Traxxas and XTM.

For beginners, I would recommend buying the 1/10 scale rc rtr nitro stadium trucks. These 2 wheel drive models are easier to build and maintain. You can start of with the reliable Associated RC10GT, or go for the insanely fast 47mph Traxxas Nitro Rustler.

For experienced modelers, who desire speed, power, and realism, 1/8 scale 4x4 gas powered rc monster trucks are the best. I would recommend buying the HPI Savage 25, Traxxas T-Maxx 2.5, Tamiya TNX, or the Associated Monster GT.

Picture of Nitro RC Trucks
Custom nitro rc trucks from HPI Racing

And, if you love the low rider type trucks, there are custom rc gas trucks such as the HPI Nitro RS4 F150, which are designed to be run on-road. These have a touring car chassis with an rc truck body.

Where To Buy Nitro RC Trucks

Excited! You can buy from your local hobby shop or from an online hobby shop. The advantage of shopping online is the convenience of buying and having the model delivered to your door.

Shop And Buy Nitro RC Trucks Online!

P.S. For rc rtr nitro stadium trucks, the Associated RC10GT is highly recommended. For rc monster trucks, the HPI Savage 25 is great. And for on-road nitro rc trucks, buy the stylish HPI Nitro RS4 F150.

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