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"The best gift for Dad and boys are radio controlled trucks."

RC-Monster-Trucks.com is an ever growing website dedicated to promoting the fun hobby of radio controlled trucks. And once you learn about this hobby, you will agree that radio control trucks are great gifts, especially for the boys.

Picture of radio controlled trucks.
Picture of Tamiya Blackfoot Xtreme radio controlled truck. © Tamiya Corp.

The best gift for Dad or husband would be a 1/8 scale gas powered radio controlled monster truck. The best models are the HPI Savage 25, the Associated Monster GT, and the Traxxas T-Maxx. Keep in mind, these radio controlled monster trucks go over 40+ real miles per hour!

The best gift for teenage boys would be the 1/10 scale electric or nitro powered radio control stadium truck. Out of the box, these radio control stadium trucks can reach speeds of 25 - 30 miles per hour.

Here is a side by side comparison of gas vs. electric radio control trucks.

And finally, the best gift for young boys would be a 1/10 scale rtr electric radio control truck. These are easier to build, maintain, and are slow enough for beginners. Expect speeds of 15 miles per hour. There is also a new radio controlled truck, the Tamiya TLT-1. Look out for this one, it should be another popular model from Tamiya.

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