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"Buyer's Guide to the Best RC Stadium Trucks."

1/10 scale electric rc trucks are the best models for beginners. They are cheap, easy to build, and are very fast. Highly recommended are the electric rc stadium trucks, because you can run them both on-road and off-road. You can also build ramps and enjoy seeing your truck fly into the air.

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RC Stadium Trucks Guide

Best RC Stadium Truck

Among all the popular rc stadium trucks, the DuraTrax Evader ST is one remote control truck that stands out from the rest.

RC Stadium Truck
DuraTrax Evader ST RC Stadium Truck. DuraTrax

Voted the best overall, fastest (21.4 mph), and winner of the 2002 RTR stadium truck shootout conducted by the highly respected Radio Control Car Action Magazine.

Buyer's Guide: DuraTrax Evader ST Review

Top Rated RC Stadium Trucks

Fortunately for us, there are plenty of good electric stadium trucks to choose from. Here is our list of top rated rc stadium trucks.

  1. Associated RC10T4 RTR - A very competitive stadium truck that will give you a good chance of winning club races.
  2. Traxxas Rustler RTR - One of the best ready to run r/c truck kit. A great backyard basher that can also be good on the race track.
  3. Losi Mini-T - This is a small 1/18 mini rc stadium truck from the race competitive company, Team Losi.

You cannot go wrong buying any of these top rated electric rc trucks. These are some of the very best trucks in the rc hobby.

Online Hobby Stores

Where Can I Buy RC Stadium Trucks For Sale?
You can buy the best r/c stadium trucks such as the DuraTrax Evader ST, Associated RC10T3, Traxxas Rustler, and the Losi Mini-T from local hobby stores or shop from online hobby shops.

Visit the "Buy Electric RC Trucks" page to see the list of recommended online hobby shops. Hurry and buy your r/c truck today and join the fun!

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