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Also known as Associated Electrics (AE) or Team Associated, this is one of the most popular USA based rc truck company. Team Associated rc trucks have won many World Championships. They produce the highly popular RC10GT (Gas Truck) and the new Monster GT.

CEN Racing

A relatively new company, CEN is surprising the hobby by producing fast racing trucks at a very affordable price. It is even pushing the hobby to new limits with the introduction of it's very big CEN Genesis .46 Gas Monster Truck.


One of the best companies that produce ready to run (RTR) kits at an affordable price. For example, the DuraTrax Evader ST (Stadium Truck) was one of the cheapest rc truck that won the 2002 RC Car Action Stadium Truck Shootout.

HPI Racing

Or simply HPI, this company has a presence in Japan, Europe, and the USA. HPI Racing is well known for producing realistic rc cars and trucks. One of it's most popular model is the the product line of Savage rc trucks (Savage 21, SS, 25).


A Japanese company, the Kyosho corporation is one of the earliest companies that produced racing quality rc cars and trucks. Kyosho and Tamiya are the two well known brands in the Japan rc hobby scene.


Also called Team Losi, is another well known company in the USA. Losi produces high quality rc cars and trucks that have won numerous World Championships. Their major competitor and arch rival is Team Associated.


Makers of remote control airplanes, boats, cars, helicopters, and trucks. Megatech is one of those companies producing affordable rc products.


Company that produces on road and off road r/c cars and trucks.

Neo Racing

A Taiwanese company that produces cheap versions of rc cars.


OFNA Racing is a company that makes a lot of rc cars, trucks, and off road gas buggies.


A European company that made its name by producing a championship winning electric powered off road buggies.


A company that manufactures cheap remote control cars and trucks in China.


Probably the most well known rc company in Japan, if not worldwide. Famous for producing realistic and fun rc cars and trucks. Started the monster truck craze with the Clod Buster, it now produces gas rc trucks such as the Tamiya Terra Crusher and the new and improved Tamiya TNX.

Picture of Tamiya rc truck.
Picture of Tamiya RC Truck


Traxxas Corporation is a USA company well known for producing ready to run (RTR) cars and trucks. Highly popular models are the Traxxas T-Maxx and Traxxas E-Maxx.

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