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HPI Savage 25 RTR Buyers Guide 

"Guide and information about the HPI Savage 25 monster truck."

The HPI Savage 25 is the newest truck from the HPI family of Savage rc trucks. This model is newer, better, and simply faster than the original HPI Savage 21. Expect speeds of 35 - 40 mph!

Savage RC Truck

This 1/8 scale monster truck is powered by a 38,000 rpm nitro motor producing 2.5 horsepower. This power is controlled by a 3 shoe clutch, stiffer shock springs, 2 speed transmission, 8 oil filled shock absorbers, and huge rubber truck tires.

RC Monster Truck Picture
RC Monster Trucks Picture © HPI Racing

The 1/8 HPI Savage rc truck is also big, it is 426.7mm wide and 533.4mm long. It also comes with a 3 channel radio control system, fiberglass disc brakes, full ball bearing set, dual chamber tuned pipe, roto start system, and 4 wheel drive.

More Information About the Savage RC Truck

When first released, the Savage was a solid performer with a unique design. Since then, HPI has listened to Savage owners and with the new truck, have addressed virtually every point. They gave it more power (and a large dose at that), better suspension, a new paint job and the Roto Start - all for a street price of about $10.00 more than the old truck (the Roto Start alone sells for around $40.00). If you’ve waited to buy a Savage, now is the time to plunk down your cash! - R/C Car Magazine

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