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Tamiya TLT-1

Tamiya Little Truck TLT-1 R/C RockBuster

Tamiya is one of the very best model company based in Japan. And there is just something about Tamiya R/C cars and trucks that would make you buy model after model.

And now comes another first from Tamiya, the 1/18 scale TLT-1. This RockBuster is powered by a 540-sized electric motor (not included). It is a 4x4 (4-wheel drive) mini rc truck that also has 4-wheel steering. 

Photo of Tamiya TLT-1 Rock Buster RC Truck
Photo credit: Tamiya Website

Quoting the Tamiya Website:

The first release in Tamiya’s new 1/18 Scale Little Gear Series, the TLT-1 (Tamiya Little Truck) Rock Buster harnesses the motor power of a 1/10th scale vehicle in a mini-sized 1/18th scale truck. 

Designed to use standard size electronics such as a 540 size motor, most electronic speed controls, standard size receiver and servo/s makes the TLT-1 one of the most versatile 1/18th scale vehicles in the market.

Chassis Photo of Tamiya TLT-1 Rockbuster

Featuring 4WD, superior four link cantilever suspension and four wheel steering capabilities, the TLT-1 also performs as well as its 1/10th scale counterparts. Being less than 30cm long, this truck can be as much fun in the house as it is outside. A lightweight durable polycarbonate body combined with loads of metal parts makes this little truck super tough.

Box comes with handle and can be used as a simple carry case even after assembly. Tamiya will also be releasing a specially designed triangular battery pack to fit the TLT-1 battery holder.

About the Tamiya TLT-1 Rock Buster

Powered by a 540 size motor (not included)
Specially designed wheels and tires
Lightweight aluminum chassis
4-wheel drive with belt drive transmission
4-wheel steering capabilities (2 servos required)
Four link, push rod cantilever suspension with four aluminum dampers
Overall length approximately 280mm
Requires Tamiya TLT-1 Battery Pack and an electronic speed control

Buyer's Guide: Buy the Tamiya TLT-1 on Sale

Note: Kit needs a radio control system and Tamiya TLT-1 Battery Pack and an electronic speed control.

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