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Toy Trucks
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Toy Trucks

Toy truck pic.In the rc hobby, toy trucks are those that you usually find in malls, the most popular made by a company called Nikko.

Nikko rc cars and trucks are relatively cheap, and provide beginners with an entry point into the rc truck hobby. Toy trucks are sold assembled, ready to run. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find spare parts for these toy trucks. If you break them, there's nothing much you can do about it.

Other popular toy truck companies are Radio Shack and Tyco.

Hobby Quality RC Trucks

Hobby quality rc trucks are those that can be bought in unassembled kit form. You build the truck, install the radio control system, then have fun.

If you do not like to assemble kits, there are now plenty of ready to run (RTR) hobby quality rc trucks. Simply open the box, charge the batteries (or put in the fuel), and then have fun.

Spare parts are usually available, allowing you to repair damaged parts. You can also buy hop up items to make your truck go faster, and tuning parts to make your r/c truck handle better.

Major manufacturers of hobby quality rc trucks are Associated, DuraTrax, Kyosho, Losi, HPI, Tamiya, and Traxxas.

Where To Buy Toy Trucks Online

You can easily buy the Nikko toy trucks, or hobby quality rc trucks for sale, online.

Buy Toy Trucks Online!

P.S. I highly recommend Nikko toy trucks. They are cheap, yet are high quality as compared to other brands of toy trucks.

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