Traxxas E-Maxx Buyer's Guide and Review
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Traxxas E-Maxx

Traxxas E-Maxx R/C Monster Truck

In the category of monster rc trucks, in the electric powered class, the Traxxas E-Maxx sets a high level in terms of performance and car crushing capability.

About the Traxxas E-Maxx: pictures, reviews and buyer's guide.

Traxxas E Maxx Picture
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Review of the E-Maxx

The Traxxas E-Maxx is a 1/10 scale 4x4 rc monster truck. It is powered by twin 550 sized electric motors. This gives this rc truck a lot of torque, which means it accelerates quickly, and can climb hills with ease.

The Traxxas E-Maxx also comes with a high voltage electronic speed control, two speed transmission, shaft drive 4 wheel drive, ball bearings, and a beautiful pre-painted rc truck body.

Traxxas E Maxx Chassis

The best part is that the Traxxas E-Maxx is ready to run (rtr) out of the box. It comes assembled with a Traxxas 3-channel radio control system, making it easy even for beginners.

"It whips up on every other electric monster truck on the market. We picked it as our truck of the year back in 2001, and it's still kicking butt today. The twin 550 motor setup is good for more than 22mph, and the shift-on-the-fly 2-speed tranny is very cool." - Radio Control Car Action Magazine, Nov 2003

How fast? Two 6 cell battery packs will make it go 23 mph, while two 7 cell battery packs will make it go 30 mph.

Buying Guide

Currently there is no other electric monster truck better than the E-Maxx. You can get one from your local hobby shop or buy it online. Below is a link to a popular online hobby shop.

Buyer's Guide: Buy a Traxxas E-Maxx Online

Get yours today and start crushing r/c cars!


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