Traxxas Rustler Review and Buyer's Guide
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Traxxas Rustler

RTR Traxxas Rustler

Review and Buyer's Guide: The 1/10 scale rtr Traxxas Rustler is a popular electric powered rc stadium truck. Designed for performance and durability but at a price that is much cheaper than other rc stadium trucks.

Traxxas Rustler
Photo credit: Traxxas Corp.

Traxxas Rustler Review

Here is an official excerpt about the Traxxas Rustler rc truck:

"The Traxxas Rustler delivers pro-level racing technology and performance in a reliable, easy to maintain ready-to-run package at about half the cost of some competition-only stadium race trucks. Designed for performance and durability, you can expect hours and hours of low-cost, fast radio-controlled fun. From the very start, Rustler is one tricked-out ride." - Traxxas

If you are looking for a really cheap rc truck, you can buy the Traxxas Rustler RTR Truck with Radio Control System & ESC (T-TRX3706). It comes with a radio controller, electronic speed control and a professionally painted rc truck body.

Buy Traxxas

You can buy the Traxxas Rustler online. Below is a link that will take you to the website of a popular online hobby store. There you can buy the Traxxas Rustler with ESC plus other accessories (i.e. 7.2v battery pack, charger) to complete the package.

Buyer's Link: Buy a RTR Traxxas Rustler

What are you waiting for? Check it out, buy your truck today and start having years of fun.


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More information, pictures and videos about the Traxxas Rustler can be found from the official website of Traxxas.