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Traxxas Stampede

RTR Traxxas Stampede

Review and Buyer's Guide: The 1/10 scale rtr Traxxas Stampede is a popular electric powered rc truck. It's cheap price yet rugged parts makes the Stampede a good choice for beginners.

RTR Traxxas Stampede
Photo credit: Traxxas Corp.

Traxxas Stampede Review

Here is an official excerpt about the Traxxas Stampede rc truck:

"The Stampede is loaded with features, such as a new wide-ratio transmission with ball bearings; adjustable slipper clutch; high-torque, Stinger 20-turn motor; and a super-strong, planetary-gear differential, which uses metal gears to handle real-world abuse. Giant, soft-compound, monster-mudder tires provide great traction on dirt and rocks. The Stampede is available ready-to-run with either a precise rotary mechanical speed control (model 3610) or the powerful XL-1 electronic speed control (model 3606)." - Traxxas Corp

If you are looking for a really cheap rc truck, you can buy the Stampede with the mechanical speed control package (model 3610). But if you can afford to spend around $30 more it is better to buy the Stampede with electronic speed control (model 3606).

Buy Traxxas

The Stampede is a great truck, especially for beginners. The price is just right, and yet this rc truck comes with a lot of high quality parts and accessories. It's designed to be rugged to stand up to the abuse of bashing and crashing.

You can buy the Traxxas Stampede online. Below is a link that will take you to the website of a popular online hobby store. There you can buy the Stampede plus other accessories (i.e. 7.2v battery pack, charger) to complete the package.

Buyer's Link: Buy a RTR Traxxas Stampede

Get yours today and start having fun!


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More information, pictures and videos about the Traxxas Stampede can be found from the official website of Traxxas.